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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  December 20, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello. thank you for being with us. a northern virginia family is lucky to be alive this afternoon after an explosion ripped through their home in chantilly. the blast and fire that followed on lees corner road
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are blamed for a gas leak. lippedzy massitous has a closer look at the devastation. >> we heard the huge explosion. >> neighbors know the family is always home on sunday nights. >> i thought they were in there. >> when neighbors smelled gas, they called 911. but before the fire department can get there, the house exploded. >> everyone ran out. our neighbors even ran to the house because they knew the family. they knocked on the door to get upstairs. by the time they got upstairs, the whole top floor was on near. >> miraculously the family wasn't home. >> they have little kids so we were worried about the kid. >> the din family didn't want to talk on camera because they are upset about losing their home. they said last night they decided to see a christmas light show and were out late. investigators from the gas company and fire department are working together to figure out where the gas leak started. fire crews are worried the
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explosion ruptured the gas lines and those run underneath the street so the gas company was out here all night to fix the leak. >> it was a leak in the street that had been fixed by washington gas. weather that has anything to do with the actual explosion unsure at this time. >> the din's home is destroyed. their front door landed across the street. thawr wreath in a tree and their neighbors homes are damaged. >> everyone was like, you know, praying to god that nobody was home. >> devastating sight. but what's important no friends and neighbors is that the din family is all right. in chantilly, 9 news now. >> the dins are staying with family and fire crews say they have repaired that gas leak. investigators believe a malfunctioning furnace caused carbon monoxide death in northwest washington. d.c. fire and rescue arrived at a home in the 3300 block of warder street yesterday. they found the entire row house
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was full of the silent and odorless gas. the repair people inside the home only two of them made it out alive. >> man that was found in the basement was unable to survive and was pronounced dead on the scene. >> i didn't know them but i'm just sorry. golly. >> two other women in the home were taken to a nearby hospital with high levels of carbon monoxide poisoning. firefighters went door to door to make sure that the gas had not seeped into adjoining homes. and no problems were found. >> district police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a shop owner over the weekend. this happened saturday night at the newton food martinet brooklyn area of northeast washington. according to police, the gunmen were wearing hooded sweatshirts when they entered the market and killed 46-year-old of bowie
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right in front of his family. sph. >> search is underway in las vegas for a missing former washington redskins cheerleader. debbie flores and a halfs are had been working as a dancer at luxser casino in las vegas. she disappeared five days ago from condominium near that casino. police say her ex-boyfriend was the last person to see her alive. >> it was a bad break up. i'm hearing different stories this was good, bad. times when she was upset about it. >> police found her car with maryland tags near an abandoned home in las vegas last monday. police say that the death of an an american tourist in israel was politically motivated. 40-year-old christine's hands were bound and body was riddled with stab wounds. according to the organization
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that she worked for, she was living in the uk but listed herself as an american citizen from virginia. she was reportedly hiking with a friend, day wilson when the two women were attacked. wilson managed to escape. and later described her attackers only as two arab men. an israeli police officer says the suspects are still on the loose. opposition is growing to metro's new security policy. involving random bag inspections. the d.c. bill of rights coalition and the montgomery county rights civil organization have launched petitions to stop the searches. the new policy streets -- treats metro riders like criminal suspects. metro decided to conduct random bag inspections after several failed terrorist attacks. there are seven new reasons to visit the national zoo. the adorable lion cubs made their debut this weekend.
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the names were also announced. one of them is called lalia. she received her name thanks to students at marshall elementary school in manassas. the seven cubs were born to two of the zoo's adult lions in august and in september. all were sired by luke, the only adult male lion. coming up ahead on 9 news now, at noon, ready, set shop. retailers are liking what they are seeing this holiday season. we will tell you about their receipts. plus, british police say they foiled a large scale terror plot today. we will have those stories and more just ahead.
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retailers are sighing that holiday shopping is up across the board. according to master card, americans spent almost 10% more on clothing. more than two and a half% more on luxury items. and more than three percent on furniture than they did last holiday season. and there is even better news because more than a third of
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the americans questioned say they still have more christmas shopping to do. starting tomorrow, toys 'r' us stores will remain open around the clock for 88 straight hours. the stores will remain continuously open from 6:00 a.m. tuesday until 10:00 p.m. on christmas eve. and they aren't the only ones. 14 macy's stores nationwide will be open for 83 consecutive hours. starting at 7:00 a.m. tuesday. other stores also extending their hours to keep up with the holiday rush. folks headed to the post office may be in for some long hours. holiday demand is expected to make this monday the busiest day of the year for the post office. an estimated 800 million pieces of mail will be handled today as customers rush to mail cards and packages out before the holidays. that's 40% above the normal volume. the post master general says items dropped off by tuesday
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will make it in time for christmas. a new study says that nearly 1 million children live in areas without local children doctors. a majority of those young people are in rural areas where no primary care physician is available. researchers found some wealthy areas are oversaturated with pediatricians and family doctors. while other parts of the nation have few or none. the study is in the journal pediatric. pope benedict says that the catholic church must reflect on what is wrong with its message and christian life in general. that is allow for widespread sexual abuse of children by priests. the comment came in the pope's traditional christmas speech to vatican cardinals and bishops. the pontiff said the church must better train priests and figure out how to help victims
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heal. police are questioning 12 men accused of planning terror attacks against british targets. they were arrested during a sweep this morning in london and two other cities. charlie d'agata has more details. >> reporter: there is increased security all around london after british police arrested 12 men in predawn raids in three cities. the suspects were reportedly planning multiple bombings at multiple locations in the united kingdom. but the police who rounded up the men were not armed. that could indicate the attacks were not imminent. >> the information we had i believe were absolutely necessary in order to keep the public safe. >> detectives say the suspects had been under surveillance for months. the arrests are not believed to be linked to recent concerns the teams of gunmen were planning on attacks of european cities similar to the mumbai massacre in 2008 that killed 170 people. that alert prompted police here in london and in other european
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cities to beef up security at places like popular tourist sites and public transpire systems. in paris, extra police are guarding tourist attractions and the metro. it's the same story in berlin where there is a heavy police presence around parliament. the u.s. state department advises americans traveling in europe to be more aware. the latest arrests -- it remains at severe, second highest rating meaning a terrorist attack is highly likely. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. the suspects range in age from 17 to 28 years old. police now have 28 days to question them before they must be charged or released. coming up, tom has our forecast. >> and it's hard to believe we have been in the coal and the wind all december and tomorrow is the first day of winter. go figure. the skies are clearing up and that's great news for heavenly event in the skies tonight. we will detail that and what
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you can expect for the next seven days coming your way in the next few minutes.
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minnesota vikings fans will get a true test of their loyalty tonight because of the first time in 30 years the monday night game will be held outside. game time temperatures are expected to be in the teens with windchills around zero. the game against the chicago bears had to be moved to the university of minnesota because
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of the collapse of the metro dome roof last week. good luck to those fans. >> guess what we are having tonight. a luer in eclipse. >> we are. it's going to be nice. >> actually -- it's a three and a half hour event. begins totality around 2:40. the nasa says best time is around 3:00 in the morning. it will take on a nice red glow. very nice. the interesting thing about this, though, is the last time we had a total lunar eclipse on the niert of a winter solstice, if you go back 2,000 years it only happened one other time in 1638. so there is a lot going on tonight. there we go. it's going to be quite nice. it will take on a nice red glow and with a little bit of a snow cover on the ground, illumination should be spectacular if you never seen one of these it should be great. now we just have to keep our fingers crossed for the cloud cover. here is the satellite picture. cloud cover moved in early this morning. kind of moved on in.
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and was like, uh-oh, here we go. it's a lot more behind. it it's breaking up. there is dry air. even though the cloud cover will be with us into the early evening period. i do think it will break up in time for the eclipse tonight. that's good news. now, let's take a look at what is not so good news. you used to this. it's december and temperatures are unseasonably cold. we hit 38 yesterday. today colder than yesterday. but the winds are picking up. here we go again. december is nothing but strong northwesterly winds and temperatures that have been unseasonably cold. the outside story. last time we -- the first day of december to get up above average. we hit 65 december 1 and since then it's been unseasonably cold. winds not just today picking up in speed but gusts 25, 30 miles per hour. tonight, tomorrow, i think tomorrow. and then it will be a windy week to be spectacular. possibility of a few flurries
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tomorrow weak disturbances will slide down. 28 regan national and 22. if you take a look at air temperature then, the factor in those winds, even though it's 35, feels like 24. -- a lot of the numbers just made it over the 18 and 19- degree marks. tonight it looks like we will drop into the teens no doubt about it. but about 37 today. partly sunny skies. tonight clearing. just in time, remember totality about 2:42 if you want the long event. i 24eu it will be better about 3:00. big story across the country is what's happening in california. measuring the rainfall and double digits about a foot of rain. ten feet of snow in the sierra nevada. looking at another four to five feet. snowfall, maybe ten inches in minneapolis again toward chicago this is the moisture we are watching trying to gather energy to move through our region. not to worry about. maybe christmas eve and into christmas morning. remember that storm system that missed us over the weekend. it's still dropping snow in
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boston but it looks like we may have another one developing on christmas night. way too early to talk about. but it could be become another coastal storm. hopefully will follow the same path and stay far enough away. no worries as far as snowfall this week. we will continue to monitor that situation on friday. mid-30s today. to upper 30s on wednesday. blustery conditions remain in the forecast and we will keep you abreast. the situations on saturday. now one of our favorite segments on mondays, it's moms like me. >> i'm peggy fox with if you have a child on your gift list, we have some wonderful award winning toys to show you. here is toy expert. what do you have? >> well, when you look for toys think of a couple of different things that the award groups keep in mind. one is multiple uses. from knito, great products, storage bins and open them up and play with things inside. carry and play in one product.
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next, if you have an artist bu puts out fantastic art plies along with a sketch book to color, make it like paint. sketch, take it on trips. absolutely fabulous. >> my daughter would love that. >> the next thing you want to look at is things that grow with your child. the dancing eggs game is so fun. five-year-olds get into this game. it has rubber eggs that dance all over the place. then give this to a group of teenagers and it's an absolute riot. the next thing you want to look for are toys that teach your children something. this mega mag fire by back yard safari just begs kids to come outside and look at things that zooms in 100%. >> that's neat. cool. >> a kid's guide to giving teaches your kids a lot about social possibility with verbal volley. a wonderful word game that brings language to life and fun for the whole family. then look at something like the city life game. not only can you have fun with imagination but talk about color, shape, size and bring
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all of that in so you are looking for products with multiple uses that can grow with your child and definitely have that educational or learning component. >> i like these foamy squishy things. >> they are a lot of fun. >> thank you so much. we will have all of these toys for you so you can find them easily on [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands?
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gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. greg greenburg of rsvp caters has brought a party in the kitchen. we had lobster rolls and what
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else? >> fudge. spinach feta crisps with a thai spicy dipping sauce. we have tribeca tuna which is ahi tuna seared with a pepper berry spice rub and dipped in black and white sesame seeds. we have our famous black tie new year's eve cupcakes. then this is a sophisticated raspberry champagne. little creme fresh and topped off with homemade zest. >> we will make lobster bundles. >> we were doing lobster bundles. basically i think lobster is very expensive but i thought of an inexpensive way to do lobster and doing it in an asian bundle. and i'm using vietnamese rice paper. just dip it in 123-0781 -- cold water or warm water. i have one ready. this is cellophane noodles. put them in hot water and let
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them rehydrate a little like this. i'm taking more of my dipping sauce that we made. and the recipes are available. this is a little bit of lobster that's tossed with sesame and a little bit of fresh ginger. these are fresh vegetables cut julian and then roll it up like a egg roll. and fold it over like this. you want to roll it very, very tight. >> we have the recipe. i don't have to tell you. i know we have the recipe on our website, you go up to the top right corner under menus and you will find this. then you it rolled up. >> rolled up and then making a short plate with it. i will cut this like a little appetizer. an inexpensive way to do lobster and we do a lot of exciting or derve -- hor d'ourves. >> you have a sauce? >> this is a little bit of kind of like a rice wine hoisen-type of sauce. i made a salad. we will cut this on the bias
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and again with a little bit large plate you can make a short plate. so makes something a little bit larger for your guests. a nice three bite-type of thing and i have a fried lotus chip to garnish that. it's a fun placeful kind of thing and with these little bite-sized hors d'oeuvre. >> that looks -- i messed it up. >> that's okay. do something with it. >> thank you. they are chilled. not a lot of lobster. -- again, it's great to serve but why try to make it when you can go to rsvp catering and get greg to do it for you. this is nice. what are some of the favorite dishes that people are ordering? >> a lot of hors d'oeuvre-type of things they want to create a unique kind of party. a lot of these type of desserts. we do dumplings.
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we do -- >> this is tuna what we are looking at right now. >> vegetarian is very big. authenticity why i brought these spinach feta dumplings. no meat. and it's hearty with the dipping sauce. >> all right, all right. v-- rsvp catering. come back and join us at 5:00. have a great day. bye-bye. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ start with cookie dough. add sugar. then hershey's kisses milk chocolates. [ son giggles ] [ female announcer ] fun. easy. [ child ] wow. [ female announcer ] at
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